When a new deck is added to your house, generally a new opening is required to access the deck. Depending on the opening you require, there are a few options to choose from.

One being a timber Bi Fold Door which looks amazing when installed and you can take full advantage of the entire opening you have available. Bare in mind the timber bi fold door may require further maintenance down the track as timber doors are susceptible to swelling and shrinking in tropical areas where there is a lot of wet weather. A timber Bi Fold is also a lot harder to screen to keep insects and rodents out of your house.

Aluminium Bi Fold doors is another great option for you to access your deck and the maintenance is non existent as you don’t have the issue with weather which can make your new door deteriorate.

wooden door built by Amazing DecksStacker Doors are another great option for your new opening and the great thing about them is they are a lot cheaper than a Bi Fold Door and you still get the majority of the opening for use. They basically do exactly what their name says, each door stacks up behind one another when open to utilize the full opening. Once again the aluminium option has minimal maintenance against the timber stacker door.

For a more traditional or colonial door access, you can opt for a timber French door to look the part with you colonial style home. With this type of door you are obviously cutting down the opening size and can only make a door way for two doors side by side.


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